Our  Story

21 Floors Beyond AverageEverybody has a secret self. Even the queen. Inspired by Queen Elizabeth I's (alleged) dalliance with the legendary corsair Sir Francis Drake, Lizzie's Starlight is a place to strip away the pomp and petticoats and simply be.

The space itself is nearly mythical: Opened in 1928 and rising 21 stories above Union Square, the Starlight had borne witness to almost a century of San Francisco's history, and graduated many of today's most sought-after bartenders. 

Within these walls, commoners became kings and pirates became paramours.
The night is what you make it - and it's only just begun. 

Meet  Our Team

Justin Deering, executive chef

Fresh out of school at the Culinary Institute of America, Maryland native Justin Deering received the advice that would define his career: Go west, young man.

Landing first at Napa Valley's Tra Vigne, Chef Justin's creative approach to French and Italian cooking quickly made him a boldfaced name on the San Francisco food scene. A veteran of Cafe des Ames, Doc Ricketts and his own Mission District restaurant, Condult, Chef Justin is now at the helm of Scala's Bistro and Lizzie's Starlight at the Kimpton Sir Francis Drake.

"I've always been into depth of flavor and making dishes multi-dimensional -- creating a result that's plated with care but not pretentious," he says. When he's not in the kitchen, you can find him rooting for the Giants or working under the hood of his car.