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Sky-High Soirees

Just as one can never step into the same river twice, so it goes at Lizzie's Starlight. The mood is ever-changing, as a rotating cast of world-class DJs sets the stage for a night of dancing and revelry - each one different from the last.

Reservations or table service reservations are highly recommended. 
We also recommend arriving early as the Queen’s tariff starts at 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Entertainment: 5pm

Happy hour is sure to delight with each visit offering a new experience. One may feature a live musician on the strings playing surprisingly recognizable favorites, while another visit later in the week may greet you with a dynamic performance on the electric violin.

Entertainment: 5pm
Start your night with Happy Hour and allow yourself to be immersed in the revelry of Lizzie’s “Studio Sessions” where performances include an addictive blend of live band and DJ sampling, or live DJ sets spinning everything from dance music and modern hits to golden era hip hop and the classics.

Entertainment: 5pm, 8pm, 11pm

Friday nights kick off our weekend programming with Happy Hour at 5pm and entertainment that lasts all through the night. You’ll find local and nationally recognized DJs spinning the latest and greatest, along with surprise guests and turntable takovers.

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Entertainment: 8pm, 11pm
Saturday nights continue to up the ante with a rotating roster of local and nationally established touring DJs peppered with various performances and surprises to promise a different story every weekend.

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Entertainment: 1pm, 4pm
Sundays will evoke the spirit of an elevated garden party that moves through the day with champagne, wine and cocktails to inspired bottle service, ambient hosts and DJ sets, making for the ultimate day party.

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monday + tuesday
Private Parties

Lizzie’s space offers a blank slate for the occasion, from lively private events (fabulous masquerade anyone?), to moody, late nightcap receptions.

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